Episode 70: the Mould and the Beautiful (yarn)

Hints and spices

Dragonfly Sours Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser drive (there is a problem with international donations now, contact Vicki directly if you wish to donate)

Episode 65: Autumn Heat


Episode 64: Sewing is fun

Episode 62: Sydney’s for Symphonies


Episode 59: Garter all the way

Episode 58: a cup of tea and Clapotis

Episode 57: Stubborn Males

Episode 50: Short Rows

Episode 48: Grand Final Day

Episode 37: Helena Smash!


Rendezvous by Lily Go in Wollmiese


Podcasts i mentioned

The Fat Squirrel Speaks

Sassy Pants Knitter

Muffin Meg n Me


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