Episode 70: the Mould and the Beautiful (yarn)

Hints and spices

Dragonfly Sours Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser drive (there is a problem with international donations now, contact Vicki directly if you wish to donate)


Episode 51: Frogging

Episode 48: Grand Final Day

Episode 38: the one with no name


Trillian by Martina Behm in Another Crafty Girl

Vignette cardigan by Amy Herzog in Valley Yarns Sheffield

Blu King Cable Mitts By Turvid in Ewe Give Me the Knits Sock Yarn


Sample Spinnind Fiber from Ewe Give me the knits and Waratah Fibres.

New to me

Yarns from Yarn Vs Zombies

Episode 36: I’m Cut Off


Rendezvous by Lily Go in Wollmiese

Trillian by Martina Behm in Another Crafty Girl


Purple Passion Romney Ball from Kathy’s Fibres

New to me

Darning tool from SpinningWoodie

Fiber from Kathy’s Fibres

Alpaca yarn from Stranded in Oz

Books from Colonial Lake Books

Shawl pins from Nicholas and Felice

Mouse pad and key chain art by Christine Falk, objects printed by Zazzle.com


Podcasts i mentioned

The Fat Squirrel Speaks

Sassy Pants Knitter

Muffin Meg n Me

Singlehanded Knits

Episode 30: A Good Weekend

Episode 28: Not Feeling Myself


Show notes to follow


Check out Bring Knit On and Ewe Give Me The Knits

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