Episode 69: Dude

Eposode 19: Birthday Fun

Thank you for the gifted patterns

Claire from Student knits gave me Interrupting Cow Socks by Laura Linnerman

Kimberknits gave me TGV by Susan Ashcroft


Hitchhiker by Martina Bhem in Play at Life Fiber Arts Jumping Joy Socks

Tidepool Spiral Shawl by Wendy D Johnson in The Unique Sheep Eos Join me in my KAL


Zombie Envelope By Amy Spinler in Patons Jet


Join my in my Charity KAL for your chance to win some prizes

The Podcast is going to be late this week

I forgot to mention that the podcast would be late this week. I have a wedding to go to in Melbourne this weekend so I wont be home until Monday. Most of the time I don’t get to upload until monday anyway but I thought I would let you know about the delay. I could have podcasted today on Friday as I have been home sick all week but since I have a give away to give away in the next show I though it was better to be late than early so that people have the best chance of entering.


So I’ll see you when I see you.

The podcast is now on iTunes!

Thank you so much to those of you who have watched my first couple of episodes. it’s really great to see my stats going up. it would be great to get some comments on the blog or on ravelry.com (im willowfairy there) or on plurk (im willowfairy there too).


I just wanted to let you all know that i have been approved by iTunes so if that’s your prefered way to watch podcasts you can find me by searching willowfairy in the store or you can go to http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/willowfairyknits/id469850763


Thanks so much and i will see you all on Saturday!